Siteadvisor icons missing

This problem can take a few different forms. The fix Im about to describe involves tampering with the Windows registry. For starters, I'd check to make sure they're not simply hiding. I'm using BT Netprotect Plus and Google Chrome although the Macaffee icon appears in the search bar, There are no green tick icon on the search list.

Acrobat Reader is installed on my laptop, not on my test server.

Siteadvisor icons missing
So the test server displays a default icon instead.

Picture of the young, beautiful girl.

Siteadvisor icons missing — photo 2
Lithuania Flag Face Paint Yellow Green Red. Right Click Taskbar and choose Properties. Click Turn System icons on or off and make sure that the icon for Action Center is set to On. Then from the Taskbar Properties window select Customize. I'd rather not uninstall Netprotect and re-install it.