Getting a tattoo when your sick

What Happens to Your Body While Youre Sick. When youre sick your body is trying to fight a virus and needs all hands on deck to attend to that. In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, these cells will attempt to repair the broken skin. When you are sick, your body switches into defense mode.
Getting a tattoo when your sick — photo 1
Is it because they thought it was a dumb question. But what if you're starting to get better or just have a simple cold or hay fever. Whats absolutely a taboo for a day or two while getting your tattoo are blood thinners. I don't go to enough discos to need a tattoo like that. Its immune system dispatches a series of white blood cells called defender cells.

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Getting a tattoo when your sick
Simply put, dont get tattooed while sick. If its trying to heal a wound your tattoo at the same time then its going to take forever for you to heal your tattoo and to get better from your cold. But a closer inspection reveals that thats not the case, and thats what makes us think we see two different colored hearts. Remember, people used to die from the common cold.

It also will slow down the healing after youre done.

Getting a tattoo when your sick
Why You Should Avoid Getting Tattooed While Sick. I Buy Boulders For My Landscape. Due to their important role, you want your immune systems complete attention when you get a fresh tattoo. I rarely heard anyone ask this when I was a tattooist.