Broken femur rod pictures

If a plate with screws is used on the outside of a bone to help the broken bone grow back together this might be removed when the bone is healed and stable. Because it is so strong, it requires a significant force to break it. Justin Bieber Coloring Pages For Girls To Print. Right Intramedullary Rod Femur.
Broken femur rod pictures
Home Landscaping Design Small Magnificent Home Landscape Design Home Landscaping Design Small Magnificent Home Landscape Design. Color stories are often told before a child works with a particular color, royalty-free stock vectors. Red marrow is where most red blood cells, plattelets and white blood are formed. Nail for Femur Fracture Fixation.

These rods are put inside the femoral bone and provide the support that you had before breaking this bone.

Broken femur rod pictures — photo 1
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