Space saving design for small apartments

Photography by Andrey Katanski. This will fit into the smallest spaces. Space saving furniture, loft spaces, open storage shelves and staircase designs allow to add more room to interiors and maximize small spaces. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.
Space saving design for small apartments — photo 1
Small high-end apartments for sale these days are very common, especially in densely populated cities. But having a small apartment is not a problem, you need to organize it creatively for allowing more space to move around freely. So, any applications are released every week worth checking it out.
Space saving design for small apartments — photo 2
Shelving, and storage are critical in keeping a small space organized. As any city slicker can attest, in the smallest of dwellings every square inch counts. And you can do all of this in considerable comfort and, dare we say it, in style. There are some good DIY options for this idea as well. The tiny button feature here is all you need to move, shift, and rearrange the unit for its various configurations.