Can you tattoo over surgical scars

Looking at an artist's tattoo portfolio is also a good idea. Thus, your scar will now become more noticeable than it was earlier, which you will never want it to be. But the best thing to do is find a good shop and ask an artist what they think.
Can you tattoo over surgical scars — photo 2
Becoming skilled at drawing requires several factors coming together. Yes you can if your scar is not fresh, deep or elevated like keloid scars.
Can you tattoo over surgical scars
Technically, the subcutaneous layer is not actually skin, but is what attaches the skin to what lies beneath it. From antifouling bottom paint to gel coat or polyester urethane coatings Commodores Boats will ensure the proper application for your boat. Maybe they wish to simply conceal them, or perhaps theyve always had their mind set on getting inked on a particular part of the body - scar or not.
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Read this post to see if you are a candidate to tattoo over your scar. Image arriere plan word - Conseils pratiques - Word. Hence, start calling around and asking to see a portfolio of tattoos they have worked on so far.