No app store icon ios 7

You can download and use it free for personal project. If the badge on the App Store icon is annoying you, here's how to disable them. Sure enough, the update to Cydia rolled around, but somewhat oddly the app's icon wasn't updated accordingly.
No app store icon ios 7
Apple introduced a new shape, which got named Superellipse by Michael Flarup I think thats a great way to describe this shape. An app should specify several different icons of different dimensions to suit different screen sizes and different situations. Theyre basically pre-made pictures that a photographer creates with the hope that theyll be suitable for a news story or an informative piece. But if youve got Cydia installed, then youre jailbroken.

I thought I'd ask for help before I did anything to make it worse.

No app store icon ios 7 — photo 2
I am not submitting an app, I am just looking for that URL. On a home screen full of icons that are nice and flat, Cydias stands out like a sore thumb. So get enjoy by download and installing new Applications, games or send redeemable Gift in Email.